Pinglehead Brewing Co. contest. You could win free beer

January 22, 2013
Hello! … have I got great news for you craft beer lovers out there! … the great team at Pinglehead Brewing Company (and Brewer’s Pizza) have agreed to begin a promotion for you entitled:”Pinglehead – with a “Face”(book) only a Beer Drinker could Like”

Each week, a random follower will be picked from Pinglehead’s Facebook page. So, get on over to that clown’s page at: hit “Like” and then check back on my page, JaxBrewBitch and Pinglehead’s for the results each week.

The fine print? … here it is:

1) Must be 21 or over to participate;
2) Winners must redeem their prize prior to the following week’s “drawing”;
3) Winners must think of me while they are enjoying their pint of one of the delicious Pinglehead brews available at Brewer’s Pizza. *just kidding

That’s it! … so, why are you still reading this? … git’ off yer internet butt and get over to the Pinglehead’s Facebook page NOW! … show Pinglehead that his mother is not the only one who Likes his Face(book).Image

Brewer’s Pizza

January 17, 2013

Just tapped a new beer named Dreamcatcher Imperial IPA with an 8.6% ABV. Over 100IBUs with fresh amarillo hops.

Brewer’s Pizza

January 3, 2013

Recently tapped a new creation called Jones’ Rockin Red Rye with a 9.6% ABV.


Brewer’s Pizza

December 31, 2012

They will be open regular hours New Years Eve and Day 11am-9pm.

Brewer’s Pizza

December 24, 2012

They recently tapped a new beer from Pinglehead. Head East Winter Breakfast Ale which is a winter warmer style with cinnamon, nutmeg, and hints of coffee.

Brewer’s Pizza

December 20, 2012

Mind Drive Imperial Porter is back on tap.

Brewer’s Pizza

December 6, 2012

For the very first time, Pinglehead Brewing Company is bottling Ambitious Monk.

Belgian Tripel as a limited release of 500 (22oz) Bomber bottles. They will be for sale at Brewer’s Pizza on Tuesday, December 18th for $15.00.Ambitious Monk is the perfect Stocking Stuffer, Great for holiday gatherings, and due to the high gravity (10.3 % abv) will even age well to drink at a later date.