New Belgium Brewery & Girls’ Pint Out collab brew – Sins and Chronic

There is a New Belgium Brewery and Girls’ Pint Out collab beer coming out very soon. Sins and Chronic. One of the GPO founders, Jenn Litz had the opportunity to brew with New Belgium Brewery a few months ago.

The beer, Sins & Chronic, is a take on a gin & tonic beer cocktail made with Sorachi Ace hops, juniper and citrus spice-blend and even a little quinine were employed in the production of this rarity.

New Belgium is sharing this special Girls’ Pint Out collaboration beer with GPO chapters across the country. There are only 9 kegs and the Jacksonville Girls’ Pint Out were selected to receive one of the kegs of Sins and Chronic. Join us at Kickbacks Gastropub on Wednesday, October 23 as we tap this special beer!

We will host a Q&A session hashtagged on Twitter where we can chat with other GPO groups across the country and the brewer.

Time and more details to be announced.


Jax Brew Bitch

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