New at Dahlia’s Pour House

Dahlia’s Pour House has two new Nitro beers. 
Victory’s Uncle Teddy’s Bitter: Full and creamy on the tongue with no ‘bite’ as the name might suggest, this classic British ale is deep golden in color and mild in character. It’s a ‘session’ beer that satisfies.

Pyramid’s Weiss Cream: Spiced Wheat Ale brewed with Orange peel and vanilla, then nitrogenated to provide a smooth texture!

Current featured Beer Style: Saisons
*Stillwater- Lower Dens
6% abv, $6.50
*Magic Hat- Pistil
4.5% abv, $5.50
*Spoetzl- Shiner 966 FM
5.7% abv, $5.50
*Saint Somewhere- Lectio Devina
8% abv, $6.00
*Lazy Magnolia- Lazy Saison
8.9% abv, $5.50
*Victory- Swing Saison Bottle
4.5% abv, $5.50


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