Mile Marker Brewing & Bold City Brigade join forces

Mile Marker Brewing is excited to announce they are now the official home bar to the new St. Augustine chapter of the Bold City Brigade in support of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Mile Marker Brewing said, “Stand united with the Bold City Brigade and us as we roll into this new and highly anticipated season. As the Home Bar for Bold City Brigade St. Augustine (BCBSTA), we have an awesome place to hang and watch the games, some kick-butt member specials and things coming your way and, the most ridiculously awesome staff and bartenders who are gonna make gamedays rock! Want to know more about BCB and BCBSTA? Check out the main webpage at, follow on Twitter: @BoldCityBrigade and @BCBStAugustine, and like ‘em on Facebook. You can feel the energy. This is one ride you want to be on.




Jax Brew Bitch

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