Bold City’s 1901 Red Ale on Nitro

Bold City’s 1901 is on Nitro and it’s National Self Indulgence Month! … well, it SHOULD be anyway … right?

Regardless, it is high time to give your taste buds a treat by running over to O’Brothers Irish Pub and Brewer’s Pizza where you can enjoy Bold City’s 1901 Red Ale on NITRO! … imagine this delicious brew you have been savoring at the Bold City taproom with a creamier mouthfeel!



Jax Brew Bitch

One Response to Bold City’s 1901 Red Ale on Nitro

  1. Phillip Jensen says:

    that totally Rocks Brian/Susan and the killer super group at BCB, I’ve been happily pounding Brian’s totally Crazy Red?? brew, serious, it’s not really a Red? or is It? it’s sort of like a crazy Porter; but; not really; and then again it’s sort of like: brown of course Not; but taking it up that whole another step up! on Nitro; is just kick a–! One issue though; have to say; when can I go to Your pub house, at your BCB pour; with jolly man out back, sipping on the Crazy Red on Nitro: I want BCB Nitro; just saying

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