Swamp Head Brewery Tapping & Ephemeral Release

Tonight Swamp Head Brewery will be tapping an Espresso Habañero Oatmeal Stout that was Imagedone for their friends at the Taste of Gainesville event. Head over to Gainesville, FL for a taste at The Wetlands. Swamp Head will also be pouring their Ephemeral Release Patersbier.

What is a Patersbier? Well, most Trappist breweries feature a “patersbier” or “fathers’ beer” that is only available within the monastery. Although designed to be consumed by the monks themselves, it is sometimes offered at the monastery’s on-site café. The term “patersbier” does not designate a style as such; it is usually a weaker version of one of the regular beers, and may only be offered to the Brothers on festive occasions, both of these facts relating to the Trappist tradition of austerity.


Jax Brew Bitch

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