Tap ‘N’ Run 4K Race hits Jacksonville

Tap ‘N’ Run 4K hits Jacksonville this Saturday, April 13.

Tap ‘N’ Run combines a ridiculous running race – a 4k with 3 beer chug stations* along the race course, a full beer at the Finish Line, crazy costumes, great times with friends, and unbelievable athleticism. JAM Active has teamed up with some rad bars in Jacksonville to create this awesome day of racing and community enjoyment! (*chug stations = 5-6 oz. of beer per)

In addition to being a part of an awesome and unique racing experience, all participants will receive a sweet Finisher’s medal (that doubles as a bottle opener…no, really), the equivalent of over two beers and a Tap ‘N’ Run t-shirt to commemorate your amazing accomplishment. You also have the option to have your race professionally timed so you and your friends can laugh about how long it took to finish a mere 4k while sipping some suds!



Jax Brew Bitch

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