Bold City Brewery’s 5th Annual Flip Cup Tournament & Pre St. Patty’s celebrations

You should be seeing red, now. Bold City Irish Red Ale, that is! … this delicious nectar was Imagetapped last week, so hurry on in to get yours and start yer’ Irish jiggin’.

Also, as a reminder, this Saturday, March 16, Bold City Brewery will be having their Pre St. Patty’s Day celebration and 5th Annual Flip Cup Tournament starting at 7pm! … even if you’re not signed up, you’ll have great fun watching the competitors while enjoying some tasty Bold City brews!

Come on – don’t be a wandering Leprechaun – grab your Shillelagh, your friends and loved ones and head straight for Bold City Brewery!

Open Friday 3pm and Saturday at 1pm. Don’t forget to fill your growlers!


Jax Brew Bitch

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