Pinglehead Brewing Co. contest. You could win free beer!

Pinglehead Brewing Co. contest. You could win free beer!Image

Congratulations to Tyler Orzechowski, this week’s winner of “Pinglehead – with a “Face”(book) only a Beer Drinker could Like”.

Every Monday, a random follower will be picked from Pinglehead’s Facebook page. So, get on over to that clown’s page at: hit “Like” and then check back on my page, JaxBrewBitch and Pinglehead’s for the results each week.

The fine print? … here it is:

1) Must be 21 or over to participate;
2) Winners must redeem their prize prior to the following week’s “drawing”;
3) Winners must think of me while they are enjoying their pint of one of the delicious Pinglehead brews available at Brewer’s Pizza. *just kidding

That’s it! … so, why are you still reading this? … git’ off yer internet butt and get over to the Pinglehead’s Facebook page NOW! … show Pinglehead that his mother is not the only one who Likes his Face(book).


Jax Brew Bitch

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