Engine 15 Brewing Co. Craft Beer Dinner at Monkey’s Uncle Tavern

Monkey’s Uncle Tavern and Liquor Store will be having a 4 course and 5 craft beer pairing dinner featuring Engine 15 Brewing Company, Thursday, February 7 at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $40 per person. For reservations call, (904) 260-1349

Chef Mike Ayres is behind the fabulous creations below …

Rception Beer … TBD

1. Mayport shrimp cocktail with mango-horseraddish coctail sauce
904 wiesguy

2. Beer braised pork belly with soft polenta and Rye jus
Rye of the tiger

3. Filet mignon with beer spiked exotic mushroom ragu
Old battleaxe ipa

4. Chocolate and walnut torte with ipa caramel sauce
Nutsack imperial brown ale.


Jax Brew Bitch

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