Bold CIty Brewery

Do you crave Bold City during the week till we re-open our taproom on Thursday at 3 pm? … Do you find yourself counting down the hours, minutes and seconds?… Do you see a Boxer and think of Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale and want to lick his face? … When you see Shamu on Sea World commercials, do you find yourself driving to Orlando just in hopes of seeing some Killer Whale?

You are suffering from an Extreme Bold City Deficiency better known as, BCD. Well, we have the cure! … Visit our website at and click on the “Find Our Beer” tab on the left side of the site. Enter your zip code and shazaam! – Instantly, you can see where we are on draft and available for sale in your local market and stores!

Breathe easy now!

If your favorite local spot doesn’t have it, demand it! Please no tossing of bar stools or riots!

Bold City Brewery
2670 Rosselle Street #7
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Phone:(904) 379-6551

Regina aka Jax Brew Bitch


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