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In addition to being on my self-indulgent Jax Brew Bitch Prowls for you in 2013, I am going to be working with Steve of Beer Junto as he broadens the horizons for himself and his family. This will allow Beer Junto to continue to provide you with timely and useful information about the craft beer happenings all around the Greater Jacksonville area. Heck – we MAY even expand into other Florida markets in the future.

I am simply honored and thrilled to be able to supply some support for Steve’s endeavors as his family has recently grown! … Hey, there’s only 24 hours in a day! … when he asked if I was interested in assisting him, it required no further thought on my part … absolutely!

Rest assured those of you currently on the list of Beer Junto will continue to get consistent updates as you are accustomed to.

Also, those of you who kindly take time out of your day to follow me in the Social Networking world, visit my website and read my Blog will not even see a hiccup in what I do – though you may HEAR one if you catch me out and about on one of my Prowls! … Your support of what I do means a lot to me and please know that I am in the process of turning it up a notch for YOU this year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for YOUR consideration!

I look forward to what’s in store for all of us Jacksonville-area craft-beer-lovers in 2013! … let’s all work together to make it “one for the books”!

My  sincere appreciation to Steve of Beer Junto for his consideration and to all of you Beer Junto subscribers for making Beer Junto what it is today!

To all of you who happen to be reading this, please – Stay tuned! … Stay safe! … and Stay happy!

Most Sincerely,


The Jax Brew Bitch


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