Engine 15 Brewing

December 12th they will start the 12 beers of Christmas. They brewed a special beer for 12 continous days.

Here’s their menu posted:

A Partridge in a pear tree: A pear Kolsch of course.

2 Turtle Doves: A dry turtled brown ale (the candy, not the animal).

3 French hens: They tried to brew a french bier…. But it quickly surrendered to this German Alt.

4 Colly birds: Yes Colly, not calling. Colly referring to black as in this black IPA.

5 Golden rings: Golden Strong? that was too easy

6 Geese a laying: Goose Egg Cream Ale

7 Swans a swimming: Belgian wit…. Wit, white, get it?

8 Maids a Milking: a Milk stout of course!

9 Ladies Dancing: 9% Oatmeal Cookie Stout? What woman wouldn’t dance for that!

10 Lords a Leaping: An Imp. IPA. Lords, Imperial. Leaping, Hoppy. what else do you want…

11 Pipers Piping: Smoked Porter. Bam!

12 Drummers Drumming: 12% Christmas Quad

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